Stonemart 2024

The event functioned as an all-encompassing networking venue for persons engaged in the stone sector and those interested in experiencing how new trends, technology, and innovations offer new value. Uniquely situated in a centre recognized for its proficiency in stone mining, processing, and craftsmanship, StoneMart 2024 provided incomparable chances for networking, learning, and further business growth.
One of the most prestigious events in the global stone industry, StoneMart 2024, was conducted at JECC or Jaipur Exhibition & Convention Centre, Jaipur, India, from 1st to 4th February 2024. StoneMart 2024 took place in a famous cultural metropolis renowned for its history of the stone industry, attracting a large number of entrepreneurs and tourists.
StoneMart 2024 featured an extensive array of highlights, including:


The show had a sprawling exhibition area with an exhibit of different natural stones.

Networking Opportunities:

The function allowed for networking between attendees and industry experts, potential business partners, key agents, etc.

Product Demonstrations:

StoneMart 2024 was an exhibit where it was possible to see the operation of the latest stoneworking machines, tools, and equipment in a fully functional way.
At Soni Granite, we demonstrated commitment to quality and innovation by featuring our product range of superior-grade granites recognized for durability and exquisiteness. Our exhibit assisted in the process of interaction and knowledge sharing that centred on the quality of services and sustainability matters. The mission of participating in the StoneMart 2024 was to showcase our prominence and quality in the natural stone business and create a dynamic, customer-focused marketplace where all sectors (customers, manufacturers, dealers) participate in the business expansion.