About Us

30 Years Soni Granites and Mining Company

For over 30 years, Soni Granites and Mining Company has been a name synonymous with quality and trust in the granite industry. From humble beginnings carving marble masterpieces, we've grown into a global mining force, fueled by the relentless pursuit of excellence and, well, a good dose of serendipity.

The Discovery

Fate, like a mischievous artist, led our founders – a father and son bound by love and a shared passion for stone – to a hidden gem. By a tranquil lake, they stumbled upon a treasure trove of granite, a symphony waiting to be composed. But this beauty didn't come easy. It took five years of unwavering determination and grit to claim one of Rajasthan's grandest granite mines. Today, every block we deliver is a testament to that spirit, a promise kept to nature and to you, the artist who will bring it to life.

Our Guiding Lights

At the helm stand two visionaries, their talents as diverse as the veins in granite itself. Radhe Shyam Soni, our Director, possesses a passion for stone that runs as deep as the earth itself. He's the maestro, guiding each block from raw potential to polished perfection, ready to sing in the masterpiece you envision.

Ravi Soni, our CEO, is the tech-savvy visionary who keeps us at the forefront of sustainable mining. He ensures that every unearthed treasure whispers not just of beauty, but of a future crafted with care for generations to come.

More Than Just Slabs

We understand you don't just deal in slabs; you deal in dreams. That's why we deliver the raw canvas, the unpolished potential waiting to be transformed into your vision. Each block is a blank slate, ready to sing in the symphony of your imagination.

Inspired by You

At Soni Granites and Mining Company, “Inspired by You” isn't just a phrase; it is our guiding philosophy. We acknowledge that every client of our company has their own vision. This goes for whether the client is an architect, designer, builder, or homeowner. We view ourselves as more than just stone miners but as partners who share the creative path with you. Passion drives us to convert your dream into your envisioned reality. We know that every project has a story, a dream, and an idea that needs to be made into reality. For us, every masterpiece should rest on a good-quality foundation. We carefully source, extract, and deliver the highest-quality natural stone, with each block telling the story of our undaunted dedication. Having your dreams at heart, we transform from just rocks into timeless elegance, allowing your visions to become works that stand the test of time. Soni Granites and Mining Company is more than a supplier; we’re your true partner in creating spaces that would not only inspire but also captivate and withstand the test of time, generation after generation. Believe in our every word and see the difference.

World of granite

Granite, the iconic stone appreciated by architects everywhere for its longevity and splendour, has been the face of human history. Spectacularly beautiful Pyramids of ancient Egypt and today's mighty skyscrapers have used granite to achieve greatness in the world of architecture. Black granite generally exudes its “masterpiece” status. Its deep and raised look exudes class and chic, making it a design favourite. Massive black granite has been used in notable structures since time immemorial.
In contemporary architecture, black granite is a generally accepted material for facades and interiors with its eternal beauty. The sleek and elegant finish of a particular material gives sophistication to any area, from being a part of the kitchen counters to the building façades. What makes black granite special is not just its aesthetics but also its durability. Regarded as a material that is resistant to wear and durable, black granite earns its name by proving itself in terms of durability and ability to maintain its original and pristine look for many years.

The transcendence of black granite stone goes beyond its practicality. Rich colours with phrases with dark vividness look perfect on a variety of design styles, from minimalistic chic to luxurious. Well, black granite is more than material; it's a statement of the quality and power of architecture. While it is sure to embellish domestic, monumental, and city escape designs, black granite is an exceptional keeper of the lasting appeal of natural stone.

Welcome to the world of Soni Granites and Mining Company. Welcome to a legacy where your vision ignites the masterpiece.

Inspired by you.