Vision and Mission

Our Mission

Our company, Soni Granites Mining Company, is fully focused on bringing to the market only the best quality of totally natural granites. At the same time, we want to maintain a high level of employee satisfaction and care. We promise to uphold consistent safety and environmental standards while aspiring to emerge as one of the country's best granite producers. Through our value system, we are determined to make our work environment neat and safe and drastically reduce our environmental footprints. We are innovators and sustainers at the same time. We want our products and processes to be in sync and, above all, satisfy our customers efficiently and sustainably.

Our Vision

At Soni Granites Mining Company, with our vision to create and sustain growth for ourselves and our clients, we are on a mission to outdo ourselves every single day that goes by. Through our iron commitment to these values, we aim to precisely achieve the vision we hold, guaranteeing sustainable and long-lasting success, which will benefit not only India but the world as well.

Our Principles

At Soni Granites Mining Company, our core principles embody our commitment to excellence:

  • 100% customer satisfaction across all the products and services.
  • Our workplace has been designed to ensure a safe workplace for our employees.
  • To us, quality is of utmost importance.
  • Innovations are the drivers of our business, providing us with the way forward and the necessary efficiency.
  • We also strive to be the source of creating employment positions for the local members of our community.
  • Being safety-oriented and keeping in mind our environment is also a top-notch priority for us.

Our Objectives

At Soni Granites Mining Company, our objectives are clear:

  • What we want to achieve is delivering first-class granites at the most competitive rates.
  • The team that we have here is full of drive to learn about and to deliver to our customers what they like and need with so much concern and accuracy.

From the founder's desk

Interviewer: Could you share your plans for the future?

Radhe Shyam Soni: Absolutely. We tap on our love for natural stones and on our sense of the high quality of our deliverances. Not only do we set ourselves as the industry leader, but we long to be much more than that. We dream of being the narrators of the story, telling the tale of beauty and grit out of the heart of the earth.

Ravi Soni: Indeed. We expect that our company, Soni Granites Mining Company, will be leading the road to granite exporting, mainly to China and the countries of the Gulf region. Thus, our mission to global trade is further proved. We received a huge response at the Stonemart Fair 2024 held in Jaipur. Also, we are participating in the upcoming Xiamen Stone Fair 2024 in China. We are going to develop ecologically friendly mining to strengthen the surrounding nature, as well as to build up a better future for generations to come.